Bad Weather // Dr.Space


Ben's Dj career started with the purchase of some Krazy Baldhead and Klaxons tunes on wax. From then with more practice he began stringing sets together for friend's parties. In 2008 Ben was given his first set at Shape supporting the mighty Bang Gang DJ's. Since then he has been seen on bills alongside Jaime Fanatic, The Twelves, K.I.M, Dave Nada, La Riots, Van She tech, Nacho Lovers, Detboi, Act Yo Age, N.A.S.A and Zombie Disco Squad to name a few.
Ben also runs a fortnightly event called The Bump which pushes the ideology of multi-genre as much as it can. This is reflected in Ben's sets which vary from party dubstep, to hip-hop and dark eclectic electro. Preferring not just to play a specific genre if a track has some crazy energy or is just something different, expect Ben to play it.
The name Bad Weather comes from Ben's ability to summon small amounts of thunder and lightning. If you see him on the street ask him to prove it for you, just dont ask in summer or when there is not already a storm well under way. Or during the day.



PS. hectro

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